You may have seen the table of content on a book, web page, etc. If you are wondering what is a table of content then please note that a table of content also abbreviated as TOC is written to outline the titles, first-level headers, second-level headers or even third level headers in more detailed books. You can commonly see table of content in books and web pages. As you can see, this webpage also has table of content. The purpose of writing a table of content is to allow users navigate easily through the content. Table of content is used to make the user experience better by providing the proper navigation. On this page you can check out the table of content templates that are available for free download in a printable and editable format.

The use of table of content is not only limited to books, they are also used at the beginning of many documents such as business marketing plan, education brochure, etc. A user does not need to wander or struggle to find the content once a table of content is there. Depending on the type of document, you can use different type of table of contents. On this page you can see table of content templates that will give you an idea on how to make your own table of content, download any template from this page and use it.


What is a Table of Contents?

A table of content is a single or multiple page that is available at the start of a book or any work plan/project/ The purpose of sharing the table of content is to allow users navigate through the content easily without any hassle. A table of content has a brief description of what the work contains, with page numbers, making it easier for the reader to navigate to a page he/she wants to read.

Why is the Table of Contents important?

A document or book with table of content looks more professional and format. On top of that, a table of content makes it easier for everyone to navigate through the content. More people likely to read your book or document once a table of content is there. In order to make your content organized, you should consider adding the table of content at the beginning of your book, web page, or any document.

Table of Content Template

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What should be in a Table of Content?

A table of content should contain all of your major heading, sub heading, chapter names, summary, bibliographies, etc. Just by reading the table of content, user should know what to expect from the book or document. A table of content is great when it comes to grab the attention of users or get them engaged more with the content.


The table comprises a description of the first-level elements, including all of the subtitles in a single work, the titles of longer books, and, most likely, the third titles. The depth of the work mostly determines how long the table of contents is; shallow book outline templates typically have a small table of contents, whereas massive books have longer tables of contents. Always include a table of contents with official letters or memoranda that are longer than ten pages.

On this page, you can find out different type of table of content templates available for free download in a printable and editable format. Get a template that you like the most and start using it. The utilization of these templates has made the process of making a table of content a lot easier and more fluent. For more useful templates, you need to keep checking this site.