If you are a writer then you must know what biography template is. A biography template comes in handy when it comes to writing a biography of a person. If you are wondering what biography is then please note that a biography is an account of someone’s life written by another person. Two type of biography is there i.e. short biography and long biography. A short biography can be as short as few sentences, covering the important facts of person’s life. On the other hand, a long biography can be as long as a book, there are many celebrities who have written their biography in the form of a book. People loves to read biography specially famous celebrities biography. If you are a writer who is approached to write a biography for someone then do check out the templates here and download one for your use.

Writing a biography is not an easy task because you are writing about someone’s life, therefore, you have to extra cautious while writing them. A biography template is used by writers in order to have a clear format of writing. Writing becomes easier once you have everything planned. Finding a good biography template is easy now because here you can see templates available for free download in a printable and editable format.


What to Include in a Biography

That depends on how much a person wants to share about his or her life. In a short biography, you can talk about the important facts and instances of a person’s life. While on a long biography, you have the freedom to extend more and explain everything in detail to make it a good ready. While writing a biography, make sure to write down stuff which will engage the attention of readers.

You can capture the following details in a short biography:

  • A person’s date and place of birth, at times with the date and place of death as may be applicable
  • mention the major achievements of a person’s life
  • mention his/her qualifications.
  • highlight interesting facts and instances in a person’s life
  • A brief account of the significance of an individual in the community

In a lengthy biography there is a lot to cover, you can begin with person’s childhood and progress from there. Writing a long biography is more challenging task because you have to first understand’s the person’s life and then write about it. These days, even movies are made on famous celebrity life because people are interested in seeing them. There is a lot to learn from biography and this is why people loves to read them. As a writer, it is your responsibility to present someone’s life in a most engaging way.

Download Biography Template

Biography Template

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Purpose of Using a Biography Template

A proper format is required when it comes to writing a biography. Let’s make it clear that it’s not easy to write about someone’s life, therefore, as a writer you have to follow a format in order to cover all the major points in details and precision. A writer has to follow a detailed analysis and study when it comes to writing a biography. Writing a biography is a bit easier once there is a proper format to follow and this is the reason why writers often use biography templates.

On this page, you can find out a biography template that is available for free download in a printable format. Download a template from here to begin the process of writing a biography.

Advantages of Using a Biography Template

The biggest advantage of using a biography template is that you have a proper format and structure with you. Writing becomes easier once there is a format to follow.

  • you can easily frame a biography once you have a good template to follow
  • a biography template act as a guide and assist you in writing with proper structure
  • a good template has a writing progression format that allow writer to progress with writing


A biography template is designed to help writers create compelling biographies. The author needs to obtain a top-notch biography template, like those on this website, in order to accomplish this goal. You can record every information with the help of the templates on our website.