A letterhead is a most commonly used document in companies and business organization. If you are working in a professional world then you must have come across letterhead. A letterhead has a company name on it, company’s logo, and other basic contact details. Using a letterhead is great for branding purposes as well. Many official letters are prepared on a letterhead such as offer letter, employment verification letter, experience letter, etc. Every company has its own format when it comes to letterhead. On this page, you can find out editable letterhead templates that allow users to make a letterhead format for their company or individual use.

Almost every business, school, university, etc. have their own letterhead document. The information that is displayed on the letterhead is normally the the logo of the company, the name, contact details, and other important details of the entity. If you are looking to design a letterhead for your business then do check out the printable and editable templates on this page and take reference from them.


What is Included in a Company Letterhead?

All the details which are apt for branding are included on a company’s letterhead such as company’s name, logo of the company, and contact details. Companies do spend some time in designing their letterhead in order to make an impact on clients or customers. One should never leave an opportunity to make an impact in a professional world, this is why it becomes essential to design a good letterhead for your business. Make sure to write down contact information such as business address and phone number on a letterhead along with an email address and company’s website.

It is advised to always go for a clean and professional design when it comes to letterhead. Check out the template below and see how useful it is for you. The name and logo of the company should be there because brand recognition is very important. Make sure to pay attention to the design and font of the letterhead.

Download Letterhead Templates

Letterhead Templates

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Types of Letterheads

Different type of letterheads are available and one should choose the correct type template depending on the work need. Some of the common type of letterheads are mentioned below.

Standard letterhead: This letterhead is basically used for all the general purposes. You can see the use of Standard letterhead when it comes to producing a sample letters that are made for general purposes.

Specialized letterhead: As the name suggests, this letterhead is used for specific purposes only and used with in the specific department of a company. For example, sales department has their own letterhead and service department has their own letterhead.

Executive letterhead: Executive letterhead is used by people at higher authority. For example, CEO of a company would use Executive letterhead to write down a sample letter.

So these are some of the common types. Apart from this, there are many other letterhead types as well. Check out the templates on this page and see which one is suitable for your use. The utilization of these templates has made the process of making a letterhead easier and more fluent.


Letterheads are important for every business be it a small business, large business, or a startup. A letterhead makes your letter more formal and professional, this is why it’s advised to design a letterhead for your business using the templates. Make sure to add the company’s name, logo, and contact details on a letterhead.

Designing a letterhead from scratch is a time consuming process, this is why it’s advised to use the template online and make your own letterhead in minutes. On this page, you can see the template that is available for free download, so download it and make the necessary changes to make your own letterhead.